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Junior Cert Maths:

Junior Cert Maths: Algebra Notes Downloads

Junior Cert Maths: Number Patterns, Sequences & Series Download

Junior Cert Maths: Geometry: Download

Leaving Cert Maths Higher:

Leaving Cert Maths Higher: Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers, Functions & Calculus Download

Leaving Cert Maths Higher:  Probability and Statistics Financial Maths Download 

Leaving Cert Maths Ordinary: The Line, Complex Numbers, Arithmetic, Probability Sequences & Series Download

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The Ballinteer Institute

The Ballinteer Institute has been running since 1980. All teachers involved have been chosen for their outstanding teaching ability & their communication skills. All have corrected the Department exams in their subjects and are familiar with the marking systems. All out students will be advised on the best possible strategy to achieve maximum points in the exams.