Project maths was examined for the first time in 2010 for Leaving certs .There was a new syllubus which consisted of 5 strands. Strand 1 :Probility and Statistics,Strand 2 ;Coordinate Geometry of the Line and Circle.Strand 3:Number; Strand 4: Algebra.Strand 5:Functions and Calculus. Each paper was spit into two sections. Section A :(Context and Skills) which contains 6 questions worth 25 marks each and Section B (Contexts and applications )three questions worth in total  150 marks.

Aims;The two aims of the project team was to make the maths exam(i) more relevant with lots of real world questions (ii)Increas the numbers sitting Higher Leaving cert Maths exam.Making the exam more relevant meant there was much more english in the questions .To such an extent that the exam in 2012 became known as “the third English paper”.Thankfully the powers that be got the message there is much less English in the current exam.

The second goal was to increase the numbers taking the LH Maths exam.This was easily achieved by giving every student who got 40% or more an extra 25 cao points!

Result :The numbers taking LH Maths have doubled from 8,000 in 2010 to nearly  18,000 in 2019 .

Interesting Observation: Although the numbers sitting the LH Maths exam have doubled since 2008  the percentage failure rate has only risen by 1.5 %!

This is achieved by making sure there are lots of doable questions and parts of questions for the weaker students and a very generous marking scheme.

There is a mark called a low partial credit .This is a mark that is awarded for any attempt at the answer.In 2012 the LPC  were in total worth 45% .

Any student who achieved a C in Junior Cert H maths should definitely take Higher maths for Leaving Cert.